About Krys


As an African-American Fiction Author, Krys King burst onto the Atlanta literary scene in 2017 with her bestselling sexually-charged modern romance Crossed in Love, a story that seduces you with sex, love, friendship, and betrayal.

Krys is considered to be an edgy romance author, who explores the “real black love” through her writings, who recently released a new read, The Fruit Fell Far, a story that reminds us that no matter where we come from, when it comes to matters of the heart, we are capable of anything.

Although as of now she is best known for her romance fictions and stint on WSHR’s Let’s Talk Girl Talk,  Krys King is also a  motivational speaker to at risk girls, a writers advocate, and now,  a business owner.

January of 2018 she launched her self-publishing company, The LuvvSyc Alliance, LLC, where is the first six months they help over 35 writers add Author to their resume. The Alliance’s mission is to highlight authors who have been passed over by traditional publishing companies and may not have the funds necessary to share their work with the world.  The LuvvSyc Alliance gives them that opportunity by providing more affordable prices and education on understanding their audience and brand, as well as giving them access to award winning designers and editors. We even help them with query letters and packaging of their manuscript if they choose to continuing shopping for a traditional publishing deal.

This is only the beginning for Krys; next, she hopes to conquer film and television.